The Cello Doll | Classical Music with an Edge

The mission of The Cello Doll is to show, through cello playing and composing, that anyone can relate to classical music, no matter what kind of music you enjoy! Through original arrangements that mash-up popular & classical music, The Cello Doll chooses pieces that complement each other and present them in original music videos! Since August 2018 The Cello Doll has been making a name for herself on social media as a classical trained cellist with a gothic flare, fiery passion and persevering attitude. Her Instagram reached 12K followers before her 1 year anniversary in 2019, and has lead to collaborations with companies such as NS Design, Coruss Synthetic Bow Hair, and the interactive sheet music app, Tomplay.

Additionally, The Cello Doll has a YouTube channel with over 154K views and a Facebook Page with nearly 1,000 likes.
As a performer and mentor, she strives to also have her social media platforms as educational resources for other musicians:  including videos about her career experiences, cello-related tips, and demos.

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