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Vibrato Boot Camp

The Cello Doll launches her FREE 4 week curriculum for developing a cellist's vibrato!

Entitled "Vibrato Bootcamp," this will be available on her YouTube Channel, with a new video coming out every week of July!

Vibrato Boot Camp Calendar!

Download the July Calendar here!

Use this calendar as a guide for which videos to follow along and practice with each day.

Have questions? Scroll down for our FAQ!

Vibrato Boot Camp FAQs

How do I sign up for the Boot Camp?

All videos for the Boot Camp are available on The Cello Doll YouTube Channel. You can find all the videos using the playlist that's listed above. There are no forms to fill out, but I encourage you to download the PDF calendar above, where I outline which videos to use every day.

How much does the program cost?

The Vibrato Boot Camp is FREE and the videos are public content! However, at the end there will be a bonus boot camp episode exclusively for my Patreon patrons. Check out my Patreon Page to join and receive monthly content that you won't find on any other platform! Additionally, I do accept one-time donations on PayPal or Venmo.

Could I take a lesson with you?

Absolutely! I have openings in my private studio, but am also alright with short-term lessons if you'd like custom advice on your vibrato! If you're interested, please contact me via email at:

Am I guaranteed to have vibrato after the boot camp?

Vibrato is an advanced skill that can take about a year before it becomes a fluid part of your playing. However, what determines that timeline is how you first begin to learn it. This program is designed to give you a solid foundation and to avoid frequent mistakes made when first learning vibrato. Everyone also learns different cello techniques at different rates, so all that matters is that you see improvement compared to how you were yesterday! 

What are the "Extra Credit" days for?

These are rest days that have an optional video from the program. These are for cellists who may have a higher practicing stamina or want extra review.

Can I share videos or pictures on social media?

Absolutely! If you use the hashtag #VIBBootCamp, I'll be able to see your videos and cheer you on during these 4 weeks! You can also search the hashtag to find fellow cellists and support one another.

What if I'm feeling sore or physically uncomfortable during the boot camp?

Since we are training muscles you may not have used before, a small amount of soreness is alright. However, if that feeling increases, or if anything is painful,  take some extra rest days from the videos. If it still continues after that please pause and do not continue the boot camp. Safety and playing health is way more important than just "getting through one more day" of practice. I'd also encourage you to talk to your private teacher, who can watch your technique in real time and give you immediate feedback.

Will the boot camp be available after July?

Of course! These videos will remain on my YouTube Channel as a resource for you, or for any cellists who may discover them after July.

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